Extra Curricular Activities

"Overall personality development student / a well focused feature"
Students get change to come together at the events like ‘Spandan’- annul social meet and the farewell to the outgoing students. The institute promotes the students participations in various intercollegiate dance debate and essay competitions and various student festivals. We also strongly belief in various extra institutional promos like youth festival, sports competition and Avishkar.
Every year students celebrate pharmacy week in the month of November and organize exhibitions, poster competitions, street plays and art gallery.

Sport Activities and Tournaments
The collages organize various sport tournaments annually at intercollegiate and interdisciplinary levels. Prizes and certificates are given to the winners to acknowledge the talents of the students.

Alumni Association
"Glories of the past are the pathways to future heavens"
The alumni association serves as a platform for the interaction between its students past & present. This generates a cherished bond of relations, both professional and personal among them as students of the institute. The association's activities touch the areas as educational, emotional, material, and spiritual concerns of the alumni. This also helps to develop caring and sharing attitude in the seniors and builds up the confidence in the newcomers.

Following events are organize and celebrate at RSCP

Spandan 2014-15 (Annual Gathering) Celebration


Spandan 2015-16 (Annual Gathering) Celebration




Ganesh Festival  2014-15                                          Ganesh Festival 2015-16                                                  Dahi-Handi 2015-16



Shivjayanti 2015-16                                                              Jijamata Jayanti and Swami Vivekanand Jayanti








Pharmacy Week

Sports Week