Founder's Message

I am happy to give my message through our college website. Surely will bring you the up to date information about History, Missions, Objectives, Administrative Structurer, Academic activities, Student activities, rules and regulations and other facilities of the college.
It gives me profound of satisfaction to see that I succeeded in seeing the students of Buldana in Pharmacy Course in their town. Hence, I personally derive immense of pleasure in having been afforded a great opportunity to serve the cause of Pharmacy education in this town through the establishment of society, Dwarka Bahu Uddeshiya Gramin Vikas foundation’s Dwarka Institute of Pharmacy and Rajarshi Shahu College of Pharmacy.
The college aims at preparing the students a pharmacists and making them average of the right and duties stipulated on moral issues based an ethics and values. I am sure that most parents will have major attraction towards us. Such a specialized institution to education their word in it. This will also enable them to grow in a secure and caring environment and adopt a meaningful service to mankind.
I on my part, endeavor s to see the college become a high seat of specialized learning centre in pharmaceutical education and practice equipped with latest facilities, including highly experienced and qualified a faculty. I wish the students of this college all success.

Shri. Dhrupatraoji Sawale