Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Quality Assurance Tech.

Compounds used as medicines are most often organic compounds. Pharmaceutical chemistry and medicinal chemistry are disciplines at the intersection of chemistry, especially synthetic organic chemistry, and pharmacology. Pharmaceutical Chemistry emphasizes on the chemistry of drug design and development, drug action, drug transport, drug delivery, and targeting. The development of new pharmaceuticals is critically dependent on a molecular-level understanding of biological processes and mechanisms of drug action. Progress in the field depends on the design and synthesis of new molecules using tools such as structure activity relationships, combinatorial chemistry, and computer-aided drug design. In recent years rational design of drugs tuned to specific target sites is becoming a reality due to concurrent advances in chemistry and biology, including elucidation of the human genome. Chemists continue to be at the forefront of drug design, synthesis, testing, and development. Pharmaceutical Chemistry undergraduate department at the institute emphasizes on educating the students on understanding of molecular basis underlying the creation of new drugs and health applications of bioactive compounds. The post graduate department offers a wide area of research as:

Structure based drug design
Virtual Screening
Lead optimization studies
Microwave assisted synthesis of compounds
Biochemical synthesis
Resolution of drugs (Chemical and enzymatic )
Development and validation of analytical methods.