Research & Development

The institute has its R and D cell through which the research activities of the under graduate, post graduate in pharmacy are carried out.


To promote and facilitate research activities amongst the faculty and students
To foster an environment conducive for research.
To encourage faculty and students to participate in research projects to improve their technical skills and knowledge.
To assist faculty in obtaining research grants from various funding bodies.


Various postgraduate projects are run under the valuable guidance of the well trained professionals the details of completed projects are given below.


SN Name of P.G Student Name of Guide Project Title
01 Ms. Samidha S. Bhonde Prof.(Dr). S.P. Jain Evaluation of antidiabetic activity of polyherbal preparation against alloxan induced diabetes in experimental animal.
02 Mr. Mahesh V. Kekan Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Jain
Prof. S. S. Rathod
To study role of 5 HT4 receptor antagonist in ethanol withdrawal induced behavioral changes in mice.
03 Ms. Nita N. Jaybhaye Prof. P.S. Narkhede Formulation and drug evaluation of lozenges for pediatric use.
04 Miss S. V. Mankar Prof. P.S. Narkhede Development and evaluation of rapid-disintegrating tablet
05 Mr. R. A. Sarkate Prof. P.S. Narkhede Formulation development and evaluation of fast dissolving tablet
06 Mr. A. V. Magar Prof. P.S. Narkhede Design and charecterisation of pulsatile drug delivery system for antidepressant drug
07 Miss. Bhagyashri mahisane Prof. P.S. Narkhede Design and development of buccal and mucoadhesive tablet.
08 Ms Ruchira R. Bhokare Prof. S.S. Hurpade Evaluation of effect of herbal extract on control of blood glucose level and memory impairment in diabetic animals.
09 Mr. S. B. Khandeshe Prof. S.S. Hurpade Evaluation for involment of renin angiotensin system in ethanol withdrawl syndrome in rat.
10 Mr. Vidhyasagar Wayal Prof. V. N. Sancheti Manufacturing process validation of film coated tablets.
11 Mr. M. V. Thate Prof. V. N. Sancheti Formulation and evaluation of sustained released tablet.
12 Mr. D. C. Sawate Prof. V. N. Sancheti Enhancement of dissolution of poorly water soluble drugs.
13 Mr. A. M. Susar Prof. V. N. Sancheti Formulation, development and evaluation of effervescent tablet dosage form.
14 Mr. P. D. Sawake Prof. V. N. Sancheti Design and development of osmotically control drug delivery system.
15 Mr. Mangeh Bali Prof. S.D. Tayade Formulation and evaluation of sustain released tablet.