Minority Cell

Introduction :

  • Minority cell of the college was established with the purpose of empowering and helps the minority communities students including, Muslim, Jain, Sikhs, Christians, Zorastrians (Parsis) for their college and academic developments.
  • Our institute is providing services to the educational and cultural needs of the Minority community along with other caste, creed and Nationality.
  • “Every student has a right of education” The cell is formed with the objectives of encouraging minority students to enroll for career orientation programs which would empower and equip them with the necessary skills to choose a career option. It also facilitates financial support to students from minority communities from government agencies and other sources.


  1. To increase equal opportunities for education of minorities.
  2. To create positive environment where all such students feel safe and secure.
  3. To make easy financial support to students from minority communities from governmental agencies and other sources.
  4. To encourage these students to enroll for courses, workshops, programs, etc. which the College offers students in an attempt to equip them with the skills needed for their careers
  5. To handle the issues and short and long-term needs of the minorities.
  6. To provide prompt counseling for any emotional emergencies arising on account of any event on the College campus.

  Functions and Activities

  • To communicate with the students and motivate them for better future planning and help to control academic and personal stress of university years effectively.
  • To provide a mechanism to redress the grievances of minority students.
  • To organize special opportunities to develop the career growth of these students such as through competitive examinations
  • The Cell is committed to provide assistance to the minority students through counseling, personality development, development of communication skill and preparatory classes for professional and employment purposes etc.
  • The Cell is actively engaged in coordinating and resolves the problems in the matter of conduct of coaching and other measures with a view to see that the education system Succeeds in bringing to a level quantitatively as well as qualitatively indistinguishablefrom the level of the rest of the society.

Constitutions of Minority Cell: 

Sr. No. Name of Member Positions in the Committee Designations


Dr. S. P. Jain




Mr. S. C. Shaikh

Member Secretary

Assistant Professor


Miss. C.R. Kothari


Assistant Professor



Mr. Syed Arif


Office Staff



Mr. Fahad Khan


Students ( B-Pharm 1st Year )



Miss. Bhumika Kothari


Students ( B-Pharm 1st Year )


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