Records of Project Guided


Faculty Name:  DR. P. N. Kendre


Sr. No.Name of studentYearTitle of project
1.Mr. Aniket M Jadhav2012Formulation and evaluation of curcumin and capsaicin microemulsion
2.Mr. Vivek Bhavsar2012Formulation of solubility enhanced metaxolone tablets
3.Mr. Dhondiraj Khandare2012Formulation and evaluation of sustained release tablets of gymnema sylvestre
4.Miss. Shreya Gupta2012Formulation and evaluation of sustained release tablets using neem gum
5.Miss. Snehal  D. Paithankar2012Formulation and evaluation of microemulsion based nasal spray of vasicine
6.Miss.Sujata Bansode2012Formulation and evaluation of telmisartan floating bioadhesive microspheres by solvent evaporation technique
7.Mr. Nihal  R. Shaikh2012Formulation and evaluation of microemulsion based sunscreen cream
8.Mr. Sandip Chaudhari2012Formulation and evaluation of oral sustained release drug delivery system of arjunalic acid
9.Mr. Nitesh Waman2013Improved release oral drug delivery of metaxalone
10.Mr. Sagar Shimpi2013Formulation and in-vivo  evaluation of gel containing Mucuna pruriens
11.Miss. Sujata Gule2013Formulation and characterization of herbal swarna prash and its animal activity
12.Mr. Aarti Shinde2013Formulation and evaluation of ghrita based nano-herbal topical formulation
13.Miss. Snehal Kulkarni2014A facile approach to fabrication and characterization of novel micro-emulsion based herbal uv shielding cream
14.Mr. Kishor Sagar2014Design, development and characterization of self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) of nateglinide
15.Miss. Kishori Chavan2014Novel formulation strategy to enhance solubility of quercetine
16.Miss. Deepali Jawad2014Design expert assisted oral bio-adhesive microparticulate drug delivery system
17.Miss. Shruti Rupnar2014Novel formulation approach to microemulsion based drug delivery of moringa oleifera seed oil
20.Mr. Akash Aher2015Design expert assisted formulation development and characterization of oro-dispersible strip (ODS) of isosorbide mononitrate
21.Miss. Manisha Pachore2015Formulation and evaluation of grapheme oxide based nanocomopsite of curcumin
22.Miss. Surekha Jamdhade2015Formulation development and evaluation of solid dispersion by mechnaochemical approach
23.Miss. Nakusha Dhawade2015Formulation development and evaluation of nanolipocream
24.Mr. Ajinkya Kurhe2015Scaffold based drug delivery system: A Special Emphasis on Nanosponges
25.Miss. Priyanka Kadu2016Formulation development and evaluation of dry powder inhaler
26.Miss. Prerana Dumabare2016Formulation development and evaluation of multipartcular drug delivery system
27.Miss. Kaveri Chaudhari2016Formulation and evaluation of nanocomposite based rug delivery system of  lornoxicam
28.Mr. Swapnil Waykhinde2016Formulation and evaluation of soluplus based solid dispersion of valsartan
29.Mr. Swapnil Harishchandre2016Formulation an devaluation of lipidic surfactant based pellets for colon targeting
30.Miss. Gayatri Dusane2017Formulation and evaluation of organic-inorganic hybrid film formimg gel
31.Miss. Nikita Borawake2017Formulation and evaluation of novel cryogel and its antifungal activity
32.Miss. Pooja Kadam2017Formulation and evaluation of novel ophthalmic insert of nepafenac
33.Mr. Pradip Karale2017Formulation and evaluation of multiparticulate drug delivery system
34.Miss. Nirmala Musmade2018Formulation and evaluation of In-situ gel forming implant
35.Miss. Prachi Somvanshi2018Formulation and evaluation of nasal insert of quercetin for brain delivery
36.Mr. Rohit Autade2018Formulation and standardization of anti-diabetic formulation
37.Mr. Omprakash Pagar2018Formulation and standardization of herbal formulation for Fissure
38.Miss. Shital Mote2018Analytical method development and validation of pazufloxacin in bulk and formulation
39.Miss. Nikita Banthiya2018Analytical method development and validation of EFX in bulk and formulation
40.Mr. Yogesh Chine2018Comparative dissolution study and dissolution method validation of drill tablet
41.Mr. Tushar GavitUndergoingStrategy to design and develop and characterize the spray dried microparticles using novel carrier
42.Mr. Rupesh TagadUndergoingFormulation and evaluation of spray dried microparticle based fast disintegrating pellets of bosentan
43.Mr. Priyanka ThakreUndergoingFormulation and optimization of oral sustained release pellets of bupripione
43.Mr. Sargang SonawaneUndergoingFormulation and evaluation of porous tablet of anti-depressant drug
44.Mr. Walmik GadekarUndergoingRP-HPLC method development and validation
45.Miss. Suvarna UndeUndergoingFormulation and evaluation of spray dried microparticle based novel bucoadhesive drug delivery system
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