Academic Research Committee (ARC)

The college’s research policy aims to create and encourage a research culture among its teachers, staff, and students, and to leverage it;
for enriching and enhancing faculty member’s professional competence
for developing and promoting all students scientific temper and research aptitudes.
for supporting out and achieving the college’s vision and missions
for contributing to national development by facilitating faculty and student participation in research and associated activities, as well as providing the necessary resources and facilities.

Objectives: To promote, facilitate and coordinate research activities among the faculties and students.
To encourage faculties and students to participate in research projects to improve their technical skills and knowledge
To provide updated information to staff members regarding the funding agencies, research proposal submission, and consultancy activities.
To encourage and facilitate the publication of the research work/projects in reputed academic journals
To promote interdisciplinary research by collaborating joint research projects covering more than one knowledge domain as well as policies for involving external institutes/experts in such projects
To identify and establish linkages including MOUs for long term relationships with academia, industry bodies and individuals for creating opportunities for teachers and students to involve themselves in joint research projects.
To encourage and facilitate the presentation of the research work through academic events such as workshops/seminars/guest lectures or the media
To compile data on all the research work/projects/publications undertaken by the teachers and students into a database for easy monitoring and analysis of the progress being made by them from year to year

Constitution of ARC:

Sr. No.Name of FacultyRoleDesignation
1.Dr. Shirish JainPrincipalChairman
2.Dr. Deepak Lokwani Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical ChemistryCoordinator
3.Dr. Sanjay KastureAdjunct ProfessorMember
4.Dr. Veena KastureAdjunct ProfessorMember
5.Dr. Prakash KendreHead, Department of PharmaceuticsMember
6.Dr. Gaurav Harlalka Head, Department of PharmacologyMember
7.Dr. Shailesh Kewatkar Head, Department of PharmacognosyMember
8.Dr. Vijay BorkarHead, Department of Pharmaceutical ChemistryMember
9.Prof. Somnath VibhutePG CoordinatorMember
10.Dr. Vijay Sonar Assistant Professor, Department of PharmaceuticsMember
11.Prof. Madhav ChakolkarAssistant Professor, Department of PharmacognosyMember

Prof. Sachin Borikar

Assistant Professor, Department of PharmacologyMember

The specific roles and functions of the ARC will be as follows

  • Facilitate the faculty in undertaking research and will work with the college to set up a research fund for providing seed money
  • Provide research facilities in terms of research journals and research incentives etc. required by the faculty.
  • Encourage and promote a research culture by organizing research workshop/training program
  • Encourage the faculty to undertake research by collaborating with other research organisations/ industry.
  • Invite academia/industry to use the research facilities of the college and sponsor research projects.
  • Encourage the submission of Research proposal to various funding agencies
  • Develop and implement an official Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in research.
  • Encourage and promote the publication of research articles by the faculty in reputed/ refereed journals.
  • Create and maintain a database of research work and research projects undertaken by the faculty and students as well as collect data by metrics such as Citation Index, Impact Factor, h-index, etc.
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